Affordable Handmade American Traditional Stills
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A Distillation Unit is a tool for SURVIVAL

Our Mission at the Distillery Network is to Produce High Quality Distillation Units and Sell them for Affordable Prices.  Our goal is to Convince the Worldwide Population that EVERY Home in the Needs a Copper Moonshine Still.

Stills have come of Age and are Growing in Popularity Among a Variety of Different Users Spanning all Lifestyles.


With With Ongoing Concerns About the Possible Collapse of the Infrastructure, a Grassroots Movement has been Born. This Group, often Referred to as "Preppers", look to Secure the Sustainability of Life in the Event of Emergent Collapse of Services by Acquiring Provisions for Survival. Many Practitioners among this Group are including Distilling Equipment to Provide the Ability to Purify Water, Produce Alcohol Based Antiseptics, Produce Herbal Based Medicinal Compounds and Oils, Produce Alcoholic Beverages and Even Fuel to Power Internal Combustion Engines

Medical Marijuana

With the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Several States and Pending Legislation in many others, Patients are Looking to Produce their own CBD and THC Oil Extracts at Home so that they can Control the Strength and Quality as well as Controlling the cost of Commercially available Compounds. Stills are ideal to Avoid the Danger of Using Volatile Solvent Extraction Methods such as Butane.

Essential Oils and Fragrances

Hobbyists have Discovered that a Still can be Profitable through the Production of Essential Oils and Fragrances that Fetch High Prices and are at Great Demand.

Alcoholic Beverages

Please Note: Only Missouri has Legal Provisions for the Production of Whiskies and Brandies by the Home Distiller. However; Many Home Brewers want to take their Beer Making Hobby to the Next Level and try their Hands at Making Homemade Whiskey. There are Several Pieces of Legislation that could Potentially open up the Laws to Allow for the Legal Manufacture of Drinking Alcohol for Personal Use. 


Old Moonshiner Stills